IMGP2251 (2)Hi! My name is Sarah and I am a wife to Greg and mother to 4 beautiful children. Greg and I have been married, by God’s grace and work alone, for just over 20 years. Our children span from 15 years old (and working on a driver’s permit!) to almost 5 years old and getting ready to register for kindergarten. God has abundantly blessed our lives with his grace. My life is not perfect but I am filled with wonder at God’s faithfulness to our family through his great and perfect promises. I have peace with God, the creator of the universe that is not based on who or what I am, but simply on the perfect, finished work of my savior, Jesus Christ. My faith and hope are in him alone. Because of Christ, no matter how my day has been or where I think it might be headed, I can truly say, “It is well with my soul.”

Why Much Forgiven? Because I have been forgiven so very much. Every day I am aware of not only how much I needed my Lord’s forgiveness on the day He rescued me and gave me peace with God, but how much I continue to need that forgiveness every day. I love my Lord much because He has forgiven me so very much.

Read the longer story about finding His forgiveness under About – Why Much Forgiven?


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